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Two Week Sites is in partnership with Nashville Production Studios and VintageFlick. Together we create content, redesign branding and help smaller companies become bigger.  Our vision is helping people who need help in content creation, SEO, designing and developing, or branding their businesses so your business sees increased growth.


Nashville Production Studios


We understand how important it is in businesses having a strong brand identity. We work closely with you to develop a unique brand that accurately reflects you and your business. We can help design and create color palettes, logo, fonts, stunning visuals, and other marketing materials tailored to your industry and giving your business the competitive edge it needs. With this, you'll be able to promote your business effectively. I'm committed to your satisfaction and am open to revisions if our initial designs don't meet your expectations. We'll discuss the differences and make changes based on your feedback. Together we can create a lasting impression with your customers for you to become more profitable.

Chat - Proposal - Acceptance
Communication - Content - Build
Your Brand will be wonderful.

To help you within two weeks or less is simple; I need to understand your business and your vision.  I will ask questions about your company; goals, current branding, budget and timeline. I will also need to know details about your target audience, what makes you unique in your industry, and if there are any specific design elements you’d like included. Please be prompt in responding to requests and providing me with the necessary information. Once the information is collected and a quote has been presented, we can begin your creating your brand. 

Communication is the key between us. I will communicate with you on nearly a daily basis in order to complete your business vision. Depending on your needs, we can completely rebrand an existing business or design the branding for a new venture. What this might look like is different to each client. These things could include everything from a business email address to a domain name, a website, and a logo. A list of passwords and logins will be created so you will have full access to your businesses direction. Most importantly, I provide education so you can keep the control an owner needs over their business. This is just a short list of the benefits of working with me.  I truly value your input and I'm here to help you see your vision for your company come to fruition. Don't forget to read the Rules.

I will be requesting things from you in order to create a brand that will best represent your vision. I call this "content". If you aren't able to deliver, for whatever reason, we could end up  renegotiating the terms so we can see your vision come to fruition. We will communicate. 

There are several ways that I have devised that seem to work with the majority of my clients to be invoiced.  If these methods are not the way your company does business, please communicate this with me and we can negotiate terms. 


Brands and Businesses


These are just a few of the examples of brands I've help to create showing website and logo creations. Some show examples of elements that I can add to sites and some show logo designs I've created for the client in addition to their site. ALL the sites are collaborative efforts between me and my clients. Our Imagination and my ability can take us to an amazing brand. Please keep in mind, some of these sites are current working sites, others are not anymore and some are works in progress.  ALL SITES are renditions that my clients helped to create through feed back and suggestions of what they wanted to see on their websites.  I can help you achieve your ultimate idea of a website you could've only wished to have had and never thought you could afford.  I'm here to help.

To see the site, click on the image then click "go to link".


Check out customer reviews:

Heidi is an exceptional person to work with. She is highly skilled and very professional, that gives her the leg up on her competitors. She has worked non-stop in helping us with our first business start-up, an up-scale brick and mortar wine bar and event center. She is currently working with us in our new business venture in the social media medium, branding, creative strategies, and marketing for our mobile bar Double Oak & Vine. We love working with her and highly recommend her to anyone wanting their business to be a success.


Jeff and Sherris Brown

Jeff and Sherris Brown, Owners of Double Oak and Vine

Nashville Skyline


Home Base: Nashville, TN

TX, OH, AL, LA, MS, NY, IN, and growing

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