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Two Week Sites is a division of Nashville Production Studios.  I  work out of middle TN.  My goal is to help people that need a fast and professional looking website, something that translates well to Mobile Viewing, and something that is functional for their business. I started in the entertainment industry helping talent get their businesses established. One of the ways I helped them was by creating websites to host their EPK's and portfolio's. I'm not a developer. I create the sites and hand them over to you so that you have more control over your site. My vision is to try to help all types of businesses, fast and inexpensively, keeping you in control.

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Bullet point for Business

In order to maintain the idea that I can get a site built in 2 weeks or less for you, I will require a few things from you and the longer it takes you to help me, the longer it will take us to build the site. You will be given a form to fill out and I'll let you know if I can work with you or if we can negotiate based on the parameters. I will then email you a quote for what I understand those parameters to mean.

Bullet point for Layout and Content

I will create the layout of your site. If for whatever reason the layout is not to your liking, I'll change up to and 3 times, minor revisions aside. The content of your site will be your responsibility to get to me. Photos, information on your business, bio's, etc.  We will work together via phone, texting and email. If you need my help to obtain media, I am open to negotiate that as well. Please see my examples.

Chat - Proposal - Acceptance
Communication - Content - Build
Your website will be wonderful.

Bullet point for What you receive

Communication is the key between us. I will communicate with you on nearly a daily basis in order to complete your site. Depending on what you will really need, I will/can provide you with a business email address (gmail is standard), a domain name, a website with a negotiated amount of pages based on your needs, possibly a logo, and a list of passwords and logins of what was created, just to name a few. Don't forget to read the Rules.

Bullet point for what we want

I will be requesting a few things from you in order to create a site that will best represent your business. I call this "content". If you aren't able to deliver, for whatever reason, we could end up  renegotiating. We will communicate. 



These are just a few of the examples of websites I've created. Some show examples of elements that I can add to sites and some show logo designs I've created for the client in addition to their site. ALL the sites are collaborative efforts between me and my clients. Our Imagination and my ability can take us to an amazing website. Please keep in mind, some of these sites are current working sites, others are not anymore and some are works in progress.  ALL SITES are renditions that my clients helped to create through feed back and suggestions of what they wanted to see on their websites.  I can help you achieve your ultimate idea of a website you could've only wished to have had and never thought you could afford.  I'm here to help.

To see the site, click on the image then click "go to link".

Check out customer reviews:

I had initially set up my Wix site to get things moving for my Shiatsu business, but it was not as smooth as I would have liked it to be, nor was it working to my advantage regarding traffic flow to the site. After briefly looking at what I had done, Heidi realized what needed improvement and made it happen.  The changes that Heidi has made, has helped with the functionality of the website, as well as the traffic flow. I cannot recommend Heidi enough to help you achieve your desired goals when it comes to website creation.

Evangelos Garbis, Owner at

Nashville Skyline



Home Base: Nashville, TN

TX, OH, AL, LA, MS, NY, IN, and growing

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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