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Vision Continued

My goal is to help people who need help designing and developing their businesses or branding.

Several of my clients need help with the process of building a business and branding it, and some just need logos. A few of the start up businesses, or businesses  that are rebranding, need fast and professional looking websites, a product that translates well to Mobile Viewing, and a useful tool that is functional for their businesses. Some clients I work with need my assistance with creation of on-location content, such as, photos, videos, audio and other forms of marketing content.  Whatever you and your business needs are, if you own a new or are an existing business owner, I am here to help with your Brand Identity and Internet Footprint creating a design that makes your vision into a reality.


Over 30 years ago, I began this journey from the ground up in the entertainment industry. I learned that by educating talent to fine tune their craft, learn the inner working of their businesses, and create their unique brands, I could help them find success. It also gave them the opportunity to establish ownership by giving them the reigns to run their business, ultimately ending up with more money in their pockets. They now had the knowledge to take control of their own careers. Essentially, I helped them to establish their own brand that could maintain consistency.  


Taking this concept and applying it to other industry sectors, I'll gain a firm understanding of your vision for your company and teach you the process to help you create the content needed, so that you have more control over your organization. My vision is to try to help all types of businesses, fast and inexpensively, keeping you in control.

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