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About Me


So, I'm coming out of retirement. 


I decided that with my newest division, 2 Week Sites, I'll help people in all industries to achieve beautiful websites that they can maintain to help support their businesses. 2 Week Sites is a division of Heidi's Studio for Talent and Nashville Production Studio.


A little of my past.

In HST, I specialized in Photography, Talent Development, Image and Casting.  I've been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years globally as a female owned company. Many people came to me for development in their area of the industry; models, actors, musicians, dancers, specialty talent and pageantry talent, that then made it to the top of the division or field of expertise. I've casted Talent in movies, on billboards, in magazines, in fashion and commercial print, on TV, tours and for local and global radio and TV interviews - to just name a few.  I also worked with corporate individuals who wanted a better understanding of how to interview for a new job or the media, give a speech or public speaking, their professional image and appearance, and to better themselves overall in their chosen industry. This is what led me to start 2 Week Sites.  Websites that are created professionally, minimally, creatively, fast and inexpensive so you can get busy working on what you know how to do best!


My Photo Studio, HS Photography, won many awards and appeared in many public and private galleries across the United States.  I traveled all over the nation with my one-of-a-kind in-front-of-the-camera training for Models, Actors and other Talent. Then showed them how to use that training to re-create their marketing packages and to be even that much more competitive in the industry.  I was also booked Nation Wide for weddings, corporate events, public and charity events, and other private events needing Photography, Videography, models, actors, bands, or other specialty talent.


With a division called Direct Casting for Talent, I was able to take the talent that I trained and get them submitted for auditions and castings so they could start working and gain a broader visibility in their field in entertainment; whether it be modeling, acting, crew or music. I helped our clients and used to be a one-stop-shop to help them with all their production and distribution needs for their commercials, marketing and advertising.


Nashville Production Studio, formally known as "The Music Managers", has an avenue for our Bands, Singers, Songwriters, Solo Artists, Composers and other Musicians. There's clients in many states and countries and we work with Agencies locally and nationally! We help the musicians with the business aspect of their industry starting with their public image and straight though to media, distribution and tours.  We help them create their EPK. NPS is undergoing some slight changes and we can't wait to share the great news with everyone about when we are ready to reopen. 2 Week Sites partnered with NPS because I figured if I'm making websites for talent, I can make them for small businesses too. Expand ya know...


I even had a division called "Perfect Pageant Performance" that helped talent that were in the pageant industry make it to the top! With ALL the talent that I've helped to train, not one has gone home from their pageant without a crown.  

In all that I do, I'm here to help!

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