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Small Business Owners

This content is written and directed to self-employed Small Business Owners including but not limited to: Instructors, Construction Industry, Auto Repair, Salons, Kennel Owners, Bakeries, Private Practices, Landscape Artists


Please start an email to and add or attach any and all of the information that you have based on the following information. (Copy and paste the information below into the body of the email to make it easier to respond.)

About You

All the information in this section can be sent in one email with the subject line reading "About You". What type of Business you are in? Your Title? Are you solely in charge of decision making?

Do you, or have you, written an amazing Bio? Is this a vocal or visual recording?

Please attach document; .doc, .pdf, .mpeg, .mov, or link or other associated files.



Please, let me know about all the places you've worked that were related to your current line of business. Including your current business with a phone number, email address, physical address if you have clients to your location and your business hours of operation. Also, have you ever worked outside of your main business location? (I.e. conventions, fairs) 

Have you ever been interviewed before? 

Please provide a link if available.   ___________________________________________

(Associated photos or video, if any, have their own section on this form.)


Partners and or Associates


Does you partner with or employ anyone? If so, how many? ___________

Their titles? (i.e. Director or "line worker"): _________________

Please, send online content (bio, resume, and following info) of employees involved if online links are available and you want them represented on your website. (Do this in an email with the subject line "Associates")

Do he/she/they consent with you, or do you have a contract with them, for you to move forward with me and my service with you as the sole contact of our communications, or, will I need to cc them on future correspondence and/or communications? If so, please provide an email address(es) or a way of copying them on future correspondence and communication. 


Your Business

What makes you Unique in your industry?

Do you have a Vision or a Focus or a Tag Line that we need to include?

Does your business have products, sales or services? Please answer only applicable  questions that follow.


If products, how many products do you have that will be on the site?

Do you ship your products or are they drop shipped?


Do you have photo's, descriptions, prices and or SKU #'s of all your products? (If so, please email with the subject line as "Products" and add attachments or links to drop boxes.)

Do you, or have you ever had, billboards, advertisements, sales, promotionals, or other forms of media associated with your business? (If so, please email with the subject line as "Advertisements" and add attachments or links to drop boxes.)


Personally/Professionally made commercials?  (If so, please email with the subject line as "Commercials" and add attachments or links to drop boxes.)

Please send links to any news articles, social media and other online content, if available, to all that you want your site to have a link to. Send these in an email with the subject "Media Links".


Do you have any other marketing items (past, present, future) that you think would be good content, formatting, or otherwise, that you would like us to see/use? (If so, please email with the subject line as "Other Marketing" and add attachments or links to drop boxes.)


Does anyone outside your company sell your products, offer your services, or promote you that you want to link with their business? (If so, please email with the subject line as "Affiliates" and add their logo and link to their site so I can incorporate that.)

Does ANYONE else represent you in any form or fashion, fist bump or otherwise?


Is there any other pertinent information that you think we will need in order to provide you with a great website?

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