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This content is written and directed at bands, vocal artists, solo artists, instrumentalists, and other professionals in the music industry.

Should you decide that I am the right person to help you:

Please start an email to and add or attach any and all of the information that you have based on the following information. (Copy and paste the information below into the body of the email to make it easier to respond.)

Do you, or have you, written an amazing Bio? Is this a vocal or visual recording?

Please attach document; .doc, .pdf, .mpeg, .mov, or link or other associated files.


Resume/Venue List: 

Please, let me know about all the places you've ever performed personally and all the venues that you performed in. (If there are photos or video associated, that will go in their section)


Band or Back-up singers:


How Many members: ___________

Their involvement? (i.e. vocalist, instrumental?): _________________

Please, send via email online content (bio, resume, and following info) of persons involved if online links are available. 

Do he/she/they consent with you, or do you have a contract with them, for you to move forward with me and my service with you as the sole contact of our communications, or, will I need to cc them on future correspondence and/or communications? If so, please provide an email address or a way of copying them on future correspondence and communication.  _____________________________


Original Songs:


How many original songs do own wholly: ___________ 

How many Written: __________ 

How many Recorded:_________ 

How many Performed: ____________ 

Please, provide through dialog or comment, the content within the asked additional questions.




How Many Recordings: ___________

If online content, please send links.


Photo’s (past, present, future):


Posters, Band Photos, Publicity Photos, Professional photos, Other ________________


Please send attachments or links to drop boxes.


Personally/Professionally made Music Videos 


(past, present, future): 

How Many Videos: ____________

Please send links to online content.


Performance/Stage Video’s:


Please send links to online content, if available, or .mov files if electronic.


Other marketing items (past, present, future):

Business Cards, Brochures, Logos, Other__________________


Are you distributing CD’s?


Through a distribution company such as TuneCore or Distrokid?

Company listed with? _________________________

Locations to find distributed links: _____________________________________________


Have you Toured or Performed Live? Include festivals, bars, private events:

Locations, times, dates of Tours or Live Performances to the best of recollection:   ______________________________________


Are you being or have you been aired audio or visually?

FM Radio, AM Radio, Internet Radio, College Radio, MTV/VH1/ or visually internet or TV? ________________________________________________

Please send links if there is online content.


Have you ever been interviewed before? 

Please provide a link if available. info - ___________________________________________


Do you have other Promotional Items? 

If yes, please send any and all links or electronic content. Or explanation: _____________________


Do you have an Agent? 

 info - ______________________________________________


Do you have an Industry Lawyer? 

info - ____________________________________________


Do you have a Recording Studio of preference? 

info - ____________________________________________


Are you registered with any "talent" Unions? 

who - __________________________________________


Do you have song(s) registered with BMI, ASCAP, SAG-AFTRA or similar?

info - _______________________________


Does ANYONE else represent you in any form or fashion, fist bump or otherwise? _______________________________________


Is there any other pertinent information that you think we will need in order to provide you with a great quote?

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